Can we control seismic waves using metamaterials?

Nearly a decade ago, a group of wave physicists asked themselves whether buildings could be cloaked from seismic waves using physical principles derived from the cloaking of electromagnetic waves. From their curiosity the new research field of seismic metamaterials was established.

Since then, the field has strongly evolved and has enjoyed a growing popularity both in the academic and industrial sector. Whether or not seismic metamaterials will eventually be effective remains an open question but the social and technological relevance of the challenge motivate joint research efforts and investments.

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers from several institutions representing the state of the art in the field of seismic metamaterials to share and discuss their results with colleagues.
The complexity of the seismic problem combined with that of metamaterials require a multidisciplinary approach. The purpose is to invite speakers representing evenly the disciplines involved in the research, namely: Seismology, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Physicists.
The focus of this 3rd workshop on seismic metamaterials, (the first one was in Iasi, Romania, 2015,; and the second one in Dakar, Senegal, 2016, will be both on Earthquake induced seismic motion and on anthropic generated vibrations.